Brentwood’s Symphony Orchestra

Saturday, June 29, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ’20; Photo by John Pettit, Whittall

As the light’s scintillated and the fog produced by the smoke machine covered the stage, the Brentwood Symphony Orchestra valiantly played Pirates of the Caribbean with precision and elegance as Mr Clausen flawlessly conducted the band for our final performance as a group for 2018-2019. 

Our musical groups prepared for their separate pieces starting in September. They performed these songs in concerts across British Columbia including the Victoria Music Festival and Whistler’s Con Brio Festival. Pirates of the Caribbean was a challenge that would require the efforts from all individuals in the orchestra and push everyone to their limits, but as Mr Clausen exclaimed “Moving our goal further and further allows all of us to improve as a band and play at levels we have not played at before.” These wise words preached by our conductor would soon bear fuit as we were successful in the Concert for a Summer’s Eve. Ian VL, Privett ‘21, exclaimed “This concert was one of the most memorable I have ever performed in.” 

It was terrific because of all the musicians in the band who dedicated their time towards the effort of the song and because of our conductor who helped us excel. This journey began in March as we were introduced to this challenging composition. However, through group practice and rehearsal time out of class, we were able to perform with perfection in the concert and play with no regrets, giving our best efforts for the entertainment for the audience.

The Brentwood Arts program is exceptional in that it allows students to go beyond their comfort zone and remain calm during times of final performances. It is memories like these that allow us to expand our horizons in the arts program and showcase it to the world.

Areeb S, Rogers’20

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