Brentwood’s Regatta Sonnet

Friday, April 26, 2019 -

The 49th Annual Brentwood Regatta begins this afternoon and at this moment our students sit on the knife edge between the final academic class and an exciting weekend of rowing, guests, food, music, alumni and more.

Mr Ganley’s Lit 12 class has recently been studying sonnets: Shakespeare’s “When in Disgrace”, Wordsworth’s “The World is Too Much with Us” and Shelley’s “Ozymandius”. Below, these newly minted Poet Laureates of Regatta offer you their own contribution to the form.

To, row, row their boat gently on Mill Bay

Everyone gathers at Brentwood College.

Thousands of rowers come from far away,

Tis’ internationally acknowledged.

The fields are full and all the shells are set,

Entrepreneurship booths market their snacks. 

Rowers compete to their very last sweat,

Spectators watch as crews flex their 8-packs. 

Everyone prays to the God, Boreas

Hoping the winds will stay in our favour. 

All the rowers come out victorious,

From putting in their physical labour. 

For boatspeed and glory, rowers will vie,

Fireworks Saturday, Fourth of July.

Kady S, Caitlin M, Ella H, Erika C, Birkley V, Jotei B, Valerie P, Brandon R, Margherita B, Ben M, Alexander C, Michelle M & Grace L.

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