Brentwood’s Got The Voice!

Sunday, February 04, 2018 - By: Glory C, Mackenzie ‘18; Photo by Jim Ganley

One of the goals of the Arts Council this year is to further promote recognition of the arts throughout Brentwood, with the hopes of uncovering some hidden talents within the student body. The Arts Council has been working towards this goal since the beginning of the year, and one of the ideas which they put together was the creation of Brentwood’s very first Interhouse Acapella! Immediately after winter break, students started getting together with others in their houses to put together their best musical acts, and on Saturday, January 27, 2018, they hit the stage.

While this was an Acapella competition, students were allowed to use one instrument per act. Each house, as usual, brought its A game, and acts containing songs from different genres and time periods graced the stage. These acts included an ABBA mashup performed by Hope-Privett; Toto’s “Africa” sung by Allard House; “Hallelujah” sung by Sanjana V, Alex ’19 and Camryn C, Alex ’19; and finally, “Love is an Open Door” from the movie Frozen, sung by Janessa P, Mackenzie ’20 and Jack NG, Ellis ’21. The night was filled with spectacular acts and in-tune harmonies that left the packed Crooks Hall audience in awe. The event truly brought to light the hidden singing abilities of many Brentwood students, and with all the talent that was brought to the stage that night, the question of who was to come out victorious remained a mystery to all the houses until Thursday’s Assembly.

The anticipation was high, the energy was high, and the stakes were high, but alas, there could only be one winner. The rankings were as follows: in fourth place came Alex-Whittall followed by Allard-Rogers in third, Hope-Privett in second place, and ultimately, Mackenzie-Ellis in first!

After the winners of Interhouse Acapella were announced, we received an update on the overall rankings of the brother-sister pairings in the battle for the Interhouse Trophy. Currently, in fourth is Allard-Rogers, in third, Alex-Whittall, in second, Hope-Privett, meaning that, once again, Mackenzie-Ellis is in first place! That being said, the difference between first and second place is only one point, and the same applies for the difference between second and third place.

With so much at stake, the battle for the Interhouse Trophy is only going to intensify from here, and it is going to be exhilarating to watch the students fight to the finish! A special thanks to Anna M, Alex ’18, for her great efforts in putting this Interhouse event together, to MC’s Will H, Whittall ’18 and Arianna A, Mackenzie ’19,  and to the Theatre Pro team for bringing the vision of the Arts Council to life.

Glory C, Mackenzie ‘18

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