Brentwood's Erg Regatta

Sunday, January 26, 2020 - By: Milla W, Allard ‘21; Photo by Holly B, Mack '21

Although erging isn’t exactly anybody’s favorite thing to do, the Brentwood Erg Regatta creates an incredibly fun environment in which rowers from all over Vancouver Island are happy to compete! It gives our rowers the opportunity to practice applying both their mental and physical strength in a familiar space before getting into the larger and more nerve-wracking races that regatta season brings. As Head Coach Ms Beisenthal observes ““The Brentwood Erg Regatta was developed to create an opportunity for our rowers to best prepare for the Monster Erg Regatta at UVic. The idea is that they will have already been in a chaotic ergatta environment, learned lessons to ‘control the controlables’, and be better prepared to perform on a larger stage at UVic.”

Especially for novice rowers, large competitions can often cause a great deal of stress, but not for Kai B, Hope ‘21 who said, “I think it was great to start off with a regatta in a familiar, low-stress environment!” Even Emily N, Allard ‘22 told me that the stress levels were high and that, “Going into the Brentwood Erg Regatta as a cox I was nervous but also excited to see progress from my crew as well as my own progress while I competed in some races. The junior girls’ program performed well as a whole, and I think this is because of how much hard work has been put into our training.”

For our rowers, the Erg Regatta provides a look into the next indoor race, with UVic’s Monster Erg well on its way, coming up February 2. “I think it’s great that we host our own erg regatta. Though it’s extra work for Ms. Biesenthal, Ms. Ostopovich, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Pettit, and Mr. Edwards, it enables the students to get in a really high level of competition right here at home,” said Mr. Jim Ganley, our junior girls’ coach.

Dylan K, Rogers ‘21 told me that he was “super excited going into this regatta, despite it being an excruciating 2k piece on an erg! Everybody put in a really great effort, and I truly believe that the hard work our crew has put in is beginning to pay off. It was great to see how far everyone has come since the start of the year and I can’t wait to see how far we’ll go!”

In a message I received from Ella S, a Maple Bay rower, she told me, “Being in this rather unfamiliar environment and going into the race, I was feeling a bit nervous. It was also the first 2k of the season and I had a goal that I was set on meeting which set the stakes even higher. As soon as I got into the warm-up room and started to go through the motions, the nerves melted away. I had my race planned out for a new PB; I was excited and determined to make it happen. The race itself was one of my best, as I kept my pace and pushed through to the finish line. In the end, I felt accomplished and excited to see what more I am capable of in the future. I really enjoyed this regatta and I believe it was a great kickoff/transition into the more excruciating regattas to come! Thank you Brentwood!”

A big thank you goes out to all of our coaches who worked so hard to make this regatta possible! I also believe congratulations are in order for many of our Brentwood rowers who received gold medals and pushed themselves to the maximum!

Gold Medal Winners From Brentwood
Edward L - Boys coxie
Emily N - Girls coxie - she also raced the 60kg girls - 2 races in one day!
Eva T - U17 Novice Girls
Bridget B - U17 Girls
Alex D - U17 Boys
Johannes H - U19 66kg boys
Hayden W - U19 72kg boys

Milla W, Allard ‘21

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