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Wednesday, October 12, 2016 -
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Thanksgiving Dinner at Brentwood, Boarding School Oct. 2016

On Thursday, October 6, Brentwood’s campanile bell tolled six times, a rare event. The chimes rolled through every residence filled with students adjusting ties, fixing hair, and searching for their #1 blazer. Such problems were soon sorted, however, and all of Brentwood headed to Crooks Hall for what is, arguably, the best dinner of the year.

Inside, every space had been utilized to fit the entire Brentwood community, 600 strong. The McNeill Center had been filled with tables for Mackenzie and Ellis. After an expression of thanks from Head Prefect Alejandro G and Mr. Felix, dinner began: salads, squash, salmon, turkey & gravy.

Before long, the dining hall was filled with friendly chatter and the clink of cutlery on heaping plates. After dinner, there was a cabaret hosted by the exuberant Michael G, Assistant Head Prefect for Arts, which showcased students singing a range of music from classic rock to modern folk. The energetic crowd got many a chance to clap along, and the night ended with everyone singing Adele’s “Someone Like You”. The night was a great reminder of the bond that this Brentwood family shares.

Although the Thanksgiving dinner might be the most populated of all Brentwood meals, there is no shortage of special dinners at Brentwood. In a school that represents such a diverse spectrum of citizens from all over the world, there are many different cuisines that other students have never had the chance to try, and that some have never even heard of. The solution to this is a special Brentwood tradition: national dinners.

These meals happen about once a month, and represent students from many of the countries within the Brentwood student body. The food services staff cooks a variety of cultural dishes and each group of students hosts their own dinner. The recent Saudi Arabia dinner is an excellent example, with more than thirty students from the Kingdom attending Brentwood serving their fellow Brentonians the best of Middle Eastern fare.

Countries with smaller populations at Brentwood host their own successful dinners and we look forward to enjoying the cuisine from Korea, the Ukraine, the United States, and, of course, the Dinner with Danes, as just a few examples of the vibrantly diverse meals that have been brought to Brentwood’s wonderful dining hall. Think Herot without the mead!

As the school year gets under way, we all look forward to what new dishes will be shared by our talented kitchen staff and worldly peers!

Kieran MH, Rogers ‘17

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