Brentwood’s Break for Space

Friday, November 04, 2022 - By: Lucy M, Mack ‘23

As the November Break approaches, we are well into the school year after several weeks of working tirelessly on assignments, exams, and other projects. Subsequently, Wednesday, November 2, 2022, was the perfect time to have a “Break for Space”, a day dedicated to taking a break from our regular busy schedule where we could explore activities that energize us and reconnect with others and ourselves.

Students were given a vast array of options for the day. They could sign up for a day-long session beginning first thing in the morning that included a local hike, a trail ride on horseback, a visit to an organic farm, a chance to simply “recharge” in nature, and marimba playing.

Neve M, Hope ‘23, who attended the trip to Metchosin Farm, an organic seed farm, stated “Despite the rain, it was amazing to get off campus and have a hands-on experience, especially at such a beautiful place.”

Students who attended this trip got to explore the farm, and help out with harvesting some of the vegetables, with some sampling on the side!

Those who didn’t sign up for a full-day session started their day by attending a drumming workshop led by musician and keynote speaker, Jordan Hanson. The Killy Theatre was exploding with noise as every student and staff member played on their own, unique drum. The theatre was buzzing not just from the vibrations from the drums but also with all the joy and excitement. The rhythmic beating of the drums made for a surreal experience where only the soreness of our hands brought us back down to the real world of Brentwood.  

After the drumming workshop, students either attended two half sessions (with options like yoga and journaling, meditation, cold water immersion, and making ramen from scratch) or one longer session that ran for the remainder of the day (including kayaking, sound healing, a board game cafe, and fungi foraging).

In between sessions, the B-Well team hosted a fair where students could make sensory bags, origami, rock painting, and even have a visit with our favourite campus dogs. There was something for everyone – B-Well worked hard to make sure it would be impossible for anyone not to find a session of interest to them.

“After planning this day for so long alongside Ms Murray and the B-Well team, my heart was full as the day unfolded. I am excited to plan the next event to give my peers another well-deserved break” said B-Well Captain Jenny L, Alex ‘23.

Lucy M, Mack ‘23

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