Brentwood's Blood Donors

Wednesday, February 01, 2017 - By: Virginia W, Mackenzie ‘18; Photo by Seo Young R, Alex '17

On Monday, Brentwood, led by SPARC (Student Peer Assistance Resource Counselors) ran a blood drive right on campus. It was a chance for students at the school to donate their blood to an amazing foundation that helps save lives every day.

Brentwood has been taking part in blood drives over the past many years with help from the Canadian Blood Services. Although this year Brentwood had the mobile blood drive come to the school, there is a policy that does not allow us to have another one at the school for the next few years. Therefore, next year we will be able to participate in a blood drive in Mill Bay or Duncan.  

This year over fifty students and staff registered to take their time and donate blood. The majority of the donors were new to giving blood, yet the importance of this is huge because one donation can assist up to three people. It allows people in need of receive blood transfusions, and the need is very high right now.

Andrea M, Mackenzie ‘18, said, “Although it was a little bit scary, I thought it was an amazing way to help people in need, and I didn’t even have to leave campus which was great.”

A special thanks goes out to the Brentwood nurses who were able to make this happen, Clare M, Mackenzie ‘17 & Aidan W, Ellis ‘17, who are our SPARC Blood Captains, and thank you to the Canadian Blood Services staff for taking the time to come to Brentwood and allow us to help save others. 

Virginia W, Mackenzie ‘18

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