Brentwood´s Best Drawers and Painters

Sunday, May 13, 2018 - By: Lorenza U, Hope ´20

As the end of the year approaches, the drawing and painting crew worked like crazy to continue their final piece of the year. The final piece is a “free” painting - this means that the students can choose between painting a landscape, an animal, or making an abstract piece. Most projects in this class have been creating pieces inspired by real-life aspects so when the opportunity to use their creativity presented itself, most students decided to follow that path. Since the beginning, Ms Mannion has allowed our creativity to expand immensely through a full variety of projects from sketching to drawing, shading, copying to painting with watercolor, house paint, acrylic and oil. 

As the year began, the class started off by learning how to sketch loosely, paying attention only to the silhouettes. When the basics were established, the class showed off their skills by drawing an animal of their choice. Some went all in, drawing every nook and cranny of the animal, while some went for a looser drawing. As Elise W, Alex ´20 once said, “This class allows you to paint your dreams.” Every piece created in the room is an opportunity to show off your style. Some people go for the cartoon-like sketches, while other prefer the detailed realism. 

As Regatta approached, the goal was to have a new piece in for the 2018 Regatta Exposition of Art. The topic for this project was to create self portraits. With every class that went by, people painted as if their lives depended on it. Mixing different shades of paint to make the right pigment, thinning out the paint with oil thinner to have the right consistency, everything needed to be just right. As the weeks went by, the portraits started coming to life; with more value added, the more defined the faces became. Finally, Regatta came and the Drawing & Painting classes were ready to expose their work. 

There is no doubt on how Ms Mannion pushes you to be the best version of yourself you can be. She is not only a seriously talented artist, she is an incredible mentor. 

Lorenza U, Hope ´20

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