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Monday, October 25, 2021 - By: Gavyn K, Privett ‘22

When you first walk onto campus, the Foote Athletic Centre is a prominent feature of the school. With a weight room, several squash courts, a rock-climbing wall, a rehabilitation centre, and one of the purest basketball courts on the island, this athletic centre is not like that of your typical high school.

This time of year it is a happening place on both arts days and sports days. With the new possibility of using the weight room unsupervised, it is being utilized from before 6:00am until sign in at 7:10pm. The squash and basketball courts are also constantly used for sports practices including volleyball, basketball, rowing, squash and more. The Foote Centre also looks over the artificial turf field, located behind the athletic centre and just down the hill from Gillespie Field.

The multipurpose rooms are also fully booked these days with students from each house making time to practice their airband performances for the upcoming interhouse competition. There can be up to four performances from each house with each performance about three minutes long. To ensure the airband runs like pudding, these multipurpose rooms are being put to use!

The Foote Centre can easily be described as heaven-like by some of the sport geeks in Privett House: “I smile every morning when I wake up knowing that I can train in this place” enthused Sebastian M, Privett ‘22 Captain of Senior Boys Soccer. “From the committed S&C coaches to the extremely versatile weight room, I couldn’t be more grateful to train at the Foote” observes Mark L, Privett ‘22.

The centre of sport on Brentwood’s campus was built only a few years ago and has created a more professional environment within its great facilities. Programs such as Strength and Conditioning have allowed athletes to get the most out of all their determined training. Continued gratitude to the maintenance team and faculty who work hard all year to preserve the Foote Centre and keep it an active and engaging space.

Gavyn K, Privett ‘22

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