Brentwood’s Art Foundations

Monday, October 29, 2018 - By: Ameera E, Allard ‘19; Photo by Stella M

Art is a large part of the Brentwood culture; it is a way to express your emotions and shine your talent for the whole school to see. The art teachers at Brentwood are very supportive and helpful with assisting students in coming up with creative art pieces to share at the art shows that are held later in the year. In Art Foundations we work on various art pieces, such as collages, self portraits and sketching.

Collaging is one of Mr. and Mrs. Luna’s favourite techniques, showing the students how to effectively piece together pictures from magazines, articles and anything else one encounters and thinks can be made into something beautiful. Collaging is one of my favourite parts of the Art Foundations community because I can take things that I never normally pay attention to and turn them into something beautiful by combining them with other art pieces. 

Self portraits and sketching are also very popular styles of artwork in our class because of the patience and detail one must endure in order to effectively mimic a person, animal, object or whatever else you decide to draw; the options are endless! Art Foundations student, Anna M says she enjoys “the freedom to be creative. For example, you have something to do, a ‘project’, but you can do this project in your [own] way”. Whether you want to create something abstract or realistic, Art Foundations allows artists from all levels - beginners to experienced - to have the opportunity to create pieces of work that will last forever. Charcoal, paint and pencils are all you need to be content in this class.

Ameera E, Allard ‘19

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