Brentwood - “Where the world wants to be”

Saturday, July 11, 2015 - By: Crystal Lenarcic, Admissions Associate

As summer progresses on the Brentwood campus, we are certainly keeping up with the positive and energetic vibe that is so prevalent during the school year. With the Hong Kong National Rugby Teams training and competing on our fields, alumni returning to celebrate former graduating classes, and students moving into dorms to enjoy the various summer camps, our campus remains a hub of activity. 

While we look back on this school year with the pride of sending 100% of our graduating class from 17 countries on to post-secondary education, we are also looking ahead with excitement! This summer we will welcome guests and alumni from over 12 countries to Brentwood. As well, we will open our doors to curious families just stopping in to see what we are all about. It lends one to think of Brentwood not only as a place where “the world comes to school”, but perhaps also as a place “where the world wants to be”.

Looking out towards Mt. Baker, watching boaters pass by and the marine life basking in the sun is explanation enough as to why the world wants to be here. All the while campus families and visitors are out enjoying our school’s paddle boards, kayaks and canoes; rowers are training and  kids are swimming off our docks. 

We are humbled by the beauty of our location and the wealth of activities available at Brentwood. How fortunate that with each summer day bringing new people to our campus, we have the opportunity to share Brentwood with the world. 

Happy Summer!

Crystal Lenarcic, Admissions Associate

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