Brentwood vs Crossley Heath

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - By: Santiago G

The Brentwood Grade 9 Rugby team had a game scheduled against Crossley Heath school on October 26th. Crossley Heath is a school from England that was on a sports tour in Canada. They had been successful in all their previous games on their tour and were clearly an experienced team.

The Brentwood 9s got to work in practice and used some of the Grade 10s to bring some experience, size and energy to the team: it was very much needed against these opponents. After one practice together, the 9s and 10s where ready to confront Crossley Heath.

Our opponents were ready to walk away with an easy win, but Brentwood was ready and focused on winning this game. The energy level that the Grade 10s brought to the team was a key to our success.

As the ball was being rolled into the scrums and passed through the hands of the backs, you could really feel the sense of intensity and the rugby spirit. Making the big tackles, scoring the epic tries and putting individual experience and effort into the team was enough to surprise Crossley Heath with a proud, gritty victory of 27-24.

Brentwood is happy to have played this touring team and we look forward to upcoming games and challenges together as a team.

Santiago G, Privett ‘17, Captain

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