Brentwood vs Cowichan High

Sunday, October 29, 2017 - By: Haden U, Ellis ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

This past Thursday the Brentwood Varsity Ice Hockey team faced off against our emerging rivals, Cowichan High, at the Island Savings Centre. The bus bounced around as our music blared and the boys got pumped for the game. As the team stepped on the ice, a wailing siren went off which everyone assumed was just a test of the new goal horn. 

Thirty seconds later, both teams were escorted off the ice as we learned there were reports of a fire in one of the connected buildings. Quickly we hustled to the locker room trying to put on skate guards or socks to cover our skate blades. Both teams were ushered outside, and waited for a signal to go back to the locker rooms. After ten minutes, both teams headed back to their locker rooms.

As we hit the ice and began to warm up, all was well. We won the initial faceoff at center and had an extremely explosive and dominant first shift registering five shots on goal in just under fifty seconds. As the second line headed out on the ice, the siren rang again: the puck was never dropped as we were ushered off the ice. After twenty minutes of waiting to get back on the ice, we were sent back to the locker room and took to the ice where we restarted the game. 

We played one intense twenty-minute game, which everyone can agree was the most chippy and aggressive game this season. Many of the boys were slashed, hooked and tripped but still persevered. With seven minutes left in the period, Kirtis H, Privett, 19 sniped top left to put the boys ahead 1-0. He received the beautiful centering pass from Lauchlan M, Privett, 18. Throughout an extremely unorthodox game, the boys played stellar defensively holding onto their one goal lead. Goalie Brandon R, Rogers, 19 also earned his first shutout of the season. Players and coaches alike were very pleased with the team’s performance as we won our first game of 2017-2018. 

The boys are continuing to work hard on and off the ice before the mid-term break when players and coaches will all get some well-deserved rest.  

Haden U, Ellis ‘19

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