Brentwood Victoria Trip

Wednesday, October 02, 2013 - By: Joanna L

While living within the confines of Mill Bay has its perks in terms of peace and quiet, occasionally a fleeting escape is a pleasant break from the busy Brentwood life. Last weekend marked the school wide trip to Victoria for a day of retail therapy and city exploration. Despite the wet weather, the students were in high spirits for a session of escape from Brentwood.

Forgoing a lengthy sleep-in on Sunday morning, the students hurried down to Brunch a touch earlier as a parade of yellow school buses entered the gates, ready to take us on the short trip to Victoria. We were carried to Victoria in waves, so as to prevent hundreds of Brentonians on the city at once and to account for the number of school buses needed to transport such as mass of students and teachers.

After a forty-minute jaunt on the buses, the students were dropped in the heart of downtown Victoria and unleashed upon the city for a day of shopping and relaxation. Mill Bay’s opportune location once again showed its colours, allowing the travel to take place with relative ease. Most took to the malls and shopping streets to avoid the rain, while others explored the waterfront or had a taste of Victoria’s cafés and restaurants. For some of the girls, this was an opportune time to start looking for something to wear for the upcoming Snowball dinner and dance at Christmas.

The earlier wet weather brightened up into a clear and sunny day, allowing Brentwood students to take to the streets again to enjoy the sunshine after a few days of rain. In the late afternoon, students assembled, relaxed and laden with purchases, ready to once again board the army of school buses back to school.

We returned to school just in time for dinner, and time to finish Monday’s homework, or enjoy the sunny afternoon!

Joanna L, Alex ‘14

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