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Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - By: Liam O, Brentwood Broadcast Captain, Ellis ‘20

With all of the events and activities at Brentwood, I find that memories often get lost in time. In Brentwood Broadcast we quite literally “broadcast” Brentwood to the world. We share the memories.

Since we are a global school, it's often hard to keep in touch with the extended Brentwood family. Broadcasting is a medium in which the students get to show off their creative ability to the world, sharing some of our highlights.

The course covers a wide range of topics, so everyone can find their place. It is crafted in a way that promotes creativity. It’s always hard to start from a blank canvas. In broadcast that's where all the motivation comes from. Anything is possible. When everyone else sees a bunch of clips, we see a story; it's magic. Mathias D, Rogers ‘20, a first-year broadcaster, says that the class has “opened my eyes to other perspectives.” The Elite 12 broadcasting students connect daily activities at Brentwood to the 21st century, through the media.

I have been broadcasting at Brentwood for four years. There is a reason I have come back year after year and chosen to spend my senior year in the course. It is a break on every arts afternoon from the stress of academics. It provokes the creative side of the mind in a way that academics and sports just don't. I joined initially because I knew nothing about movie making. This experience allows me to recommend Brentwood Broadcast to those students who haven't quite found their niche in the arts program yet. Ben O, Ellis ‘20, a second year broadcaster - and the second best of the twins - says that “Whether a veteran editor or a newbie, the broadcast community will take you in and teach you the joy of movie-making.”

We hope you enjoy the show. Whether it be a showcase game or a live performance in the Bunch, we’re behind the camera.

Liam O, Brentwood Broadcast Captain, Ellis ‘20

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