Brentwood Takes On UBC

Monday, November 24, 2014 - By: Zeeshan A, Ellis ‘15

A couple of weeks ago Brentwood sent a highly talented group of debaters to compete at the UBC debate tournament. The prestigious University of British Columbia hosted this tournament with national caliber debaters in attendance.

Brentwood’s 10 students were well prepared and, led by their coaches and captains, they conquered Vancouver! Members of the program like Kavi G, Whittall ’17 and Delaney B, Allard ‘17 placed third out of 90 teams and Kavi was the third best individual speaker out of 180. Furthermore, both Kavi and Afyz M, Privett ‘17 have been invited to try out for the BC provincial debate team. We hope that they can learn a lot from this experience and share their knowledge with the program. 

Senior debaters included Kevin D, Whittall ‘15, Ciel AB, Mackenzie ‘15 Teagan M, Alexandra ‘16, Cevina G, Hope ‘15, Andrew W, Whittall ‘17, Zeeshan A, Ellis ‘15, Bobbie DW, Allard ‘15 & Judy C, Hope ‘16. Judy spent some quality time with her mum, and Teagan was the life of the party during the breaks. Cevina, Ciel and Andrew could not help but make friends… Kevin and I also tried to reach out to other people; however, we were too busy pondering world problems and other issues. 

Although sometimes the debaters had to wait in the lecture theatre for long periods of time to receive the next resolution, they managed to keep their intensity. Times were tense especially when keeping in mind the tough competition, yet Brentwood competed impressively in a newly learned debate form. 

All of us were fortunate enough to learn from other debaters and make new friends from other schools. After five long and draining impromptu debates the students were treated to dinner by the coaches and the bus back was full of Kavi and Afyz taking pictures of Mr. Bryant sleeping: he was a good sport about it! All of this wouldn’t be possible without the time commitment of the coaches, Ms. Steele-MacInnis, Mr. Bryant and Brentwood grad Jonathan H, Whittall ‘13. 

Having had much fun in Vancouver, the club is looking forward to the tournament next year!

Zeeshan A, Ellis ‘15

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