Brentwood Takes on the Saints

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - By: Photo by Jim Ganley

It is rugby season at Brentwood and the First XV has had a solid start to the season. After just three weeks together, the team is ranked fourth in the province, following impressive efforts against 2A powerhouses SMUS and Collingwood and an impressive rout over Earl Marriott. Coming back from Easter Break, the team is looking to kick things into high gear in preparations for Provincials.

With just one practice following Easter Break, the team travelled to Vancouver to take on the team from St. George’s. Though this was marked as a 2nd’s game, Coach Thompson reminded us that this was a chance for the team to improve, as well as give certain players more playing time than they would receive regularly.

Upon kick-off, Brentwood started shakily. The early going consisted of numerous penalties, pushing us deep into our own zone. Mere minutes into the game, the Saints scored a try. 

The main discussion in the huddle was the need for discipline, as well as the team’s huge potential if they moved the ball wide. Brentwood heeded this advice very well, scoring three quick tries to close the half.

The intensity of Brentwood did not decline in the second half, as we scored within the first few possessions. However, our frenzied ways came back to haunt us, as we consistently committed penalty after penalty. These calls pushed us deep into our zone several times and twice St. George’s was able to capitalize. With the score 25-19 with under ten minutes remaining, Brentwood managed to pull together to score a final try to cement the win. 

The team was led by forward Olamide O, Privett ‘18, who had a hat-trick while backs Mason S, Privett ‘18 and Brendan G, Rogers ‘18 each contributed a try. More importantly, players received valuable minutes that will aid in their development.

Though the game was far from perfect, a win is a win, and the boys will take as many of those as they can. 

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