Brentwood Sweeps BC’s ISA Soccer

Wednesday, October 02, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

In the span of seven days, the province of British Columbia was taken by storm by the Brentwood College Soccer program.

The Junior Boys won their third consecutive ISA championship this Friday and Saturday, with a convincing gold medal, knocking out long time opponents St. Michaels and St. George’s. Their campaign started slowly, but picked up on finals day with a dominant 3-1 final victory over mainland rivals St. George’s. The lads had lost a close 2-1 contest with Saints the day before, but showed no fear going into the grand finale. “It felt really good to beat them after having lost the first game,” declared Tommy M, Privett ‘23, the scorer of two goals in the finals. “The boys really came together on day two to grab the hardware.”

The Seniors took last weekend off of school to capture their first ISA championship in recent years, but many of these boys were not new to ISA gold. The majority of players from the Grade 11 class have been at Brentwood since the 9th grade, making this their third consecutive ISA title, and extending an unbeaten record in all independent school competitions since 2017.

The boys won all three round robin matches with a total goal differential of 10-2. The finals, on the other hand, was not such a walk in the park. The team lined up against West Point Grey - whom they had beaten 3-0 the day before. The game started off very slowly, with WPG sitting deep in their own end, giving Brentwood anything we wanted - except a scoring opportunity. Midway through the first half the scoring opened - in favour of the wrong side. The boys were down 1-0 going into halftime when goalkeeper Chris S turned the match around with the most riveting pep talk you ever did hear. “Its gotta come from in here” Chris yelled, thumping on his heart. “Let’s show we want it more than them!”

The boys did just that. Near the 75th minute Matthias S linked up with Connor W for Brentwood’s opening goal. The team was really fired up then, and with only three minutes left in regulation time, a corner was hit onto the foot of Jack R who hoofed Brentwood to the podium!

Congratulations to coaches Veenema, Reynolds, and Barrett who took control of all these games, and were just as much a part of the win as any of us boys.

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Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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