Brentwood Spring Fair - What to Expect

Friday, April 09, 2021 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

For everyone at Brentwood College, there is nothing more frustrating than a year where we can not host thousands of athletes and coaches from dozens of schools and clubs around North America, house them in our gymnasium, feed them at the Entrepreneurship 12 booths, and share our campus and community with them. Unfortunately, however, for the second year in a row, we have had to postpone the 50th Brentwood International Rowing Regatta.

This enormous event is one of the largest highschool rowing regattas in the world, and a highlight of the school year for everyone in the Brentwood community. Every student in the school contributes to the competition in one way or another. Either through boat holding at the start docks, cleanup and waste sorting on Campbell Common, or serving foods in the Entre booths, it is an event truly hosted by everyone on campus. Obviously, the Brentwood Regatta will look a little different for everyone involved, but the school, and the students, plan to make the Brentwood Spring Fair a highlight of the third term.

The rowing program plans to hold an Interhouse rowing competition, and while it is not yet set in stone what the event will look like, I can assure you that it will be one of the most intense events of the Interhouse season. Allard/Rogers look to be the heavy favourites to win this competition, as the majority of the Varsity Men’s and Women’s athletes reside in these houses. “Where we lack in other sports, we make up for as the powerhouse of the boathouse!” Solveig C assured me the other day. “We have lots of keen and talented athletes in our Rogers/Allard crews.” Added Varsity Women’s Co-Captain Shaelyn L, “We’ve got a good feeling about this one.”           

Mr Branchflower’s Entrepreneurship 12 students are keeping alive the tradition of serving a variety of foods to anyone in attendance. We are all getting excited to see a wide range of booths, from grilled cheese, to churros and deep fried ice cream, to fresh patties, to tacos at The Joint - which I may or may not be endorsing in exchange for discount tacos - and many, many more. “I’m so excited to get the Churro Burro up running”  I heard Nick C say the other evening as I walked into Ellis House. When I asked him what his favourite part of their project had been so far he responded with “Improving my culinary skills which I can’t wait to show off soon!” We are all just as pumped as you Nick.

Burger flipping prodigy Sophia P shared that she is “extremely excited for this year’s spring fair,” and when I asked why, she explained that “all of the Entre groups have been working non-stop these last couple of weeks preparing for this event.”

So there you have it, Brentwood. In just a few weeks, McLaren Plaza will be buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the first ever Brentwood Spring Fair. It’s time to get excited. I think it is safe to say that Sophia voiced the thoughts on everyone’s mind when she said “I am super grateful that we can still put on this event during these times. I can’t wait for it!”

I could not agree more.

Starting April 23rd, people. Mark your calendars.


Make sure to stop by at The Joint for a taste of Mill Bay’s favourite tacos. You can also check out The Joint on instagram @thejointtacos for a sneak peak of what these five fine gents will be serving at the Spring Fair. Let them know that Jack sent you!

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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