Brentwood Rugby Warms Up

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 - By: Will MP, Rogers ‘17; Photo by Linnea M, Allard '17

The Cowichan Rugby Football Club season was off to a slow start for the Brentwood boys earlier this term. With players lacking signup information and the incompletion of important documents, it was hard to get definite numbers to training sessions. After these issues were resolved, a small but committed group of players got into the routine of heading up to Duncan on Wednesday nights for practice. We were fortunate enough to be welcomed very warmly by the coaches,  staff, and the other players of the CRFC. 

After a few practices, our bonds with our teammates grew stronger and we were ready for the upcoming matches. We managed to produce a couple of victories in the early stages of our league tournament. As we progressed in our competition, gaining more and more confidence, our players set into their positions and proved to be a very promising side. Moving into the later stages of our tournament, we faced off against our island rivals, the Castaway Wanderers. Despite coming back from a large deficit, we were unable to secure the win and lost by less than a try. This defeat set us back but did not discourage us from attaining our goal. After losing the game, we would only be able to finish third if we came out victorious in our final match. 

Feeling robbed in our last game, we wanted to prove a point coming into the third place final. We came out fired up and ready to do some damage but we were penalise for some undisciplined play and were a man down before halftime. We gathered ourselves and reanalysed our situation and, with some wise guidance from our coach, were able to get back on our front foot. We shut down their strong runners and exploited their weaknesses which meant, by the end of the game, no points were scored against us and we secured the win. We were happy with the outcome of the season and satisfied with the way we played.

Looking forward to the summer season, the boys are ready to give the rep team, the Tsunami a shot. By playing with the local rugby club, the Brentwood boys were able to gain some experience and have a taste of what is to come in the competitive spring school season. We had a chance to improve our skills and use what we have been learning, in game situations, which is a rare opportunity. As well, playing with the local club opened our eyes to different styles of rugby we would not be exposed to otherwise. The club season has been successful and will greatly benefit the Brentwood Rugby Club come third term.

Will MP, Rogers ‘17 

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