Brentwood Rugby - Under Any Circumstances

Thursday, May 18, 2023 - By: Taiyo T, Whittall ‘23

The Brentwood Senior Boys Rugby program has had quite a successful season so far as we continue to work on the fundamentals, skills, and team play in order to defeat each opponent we face. Of course, success in rugby is never guaranteed. Last Saturday, we faced off against our Island rival SMUS for the second time this season.

After a previou 60-5 loss, we had a lot to prove. We started the game off strong, defensively, and offensively. Never backing down on tackles, we were able to close the gaps that we had in our first game. In the first half, we capitalized with two tries. Going into the second half, the score was 10-0 for us. Mr Thompson reiterated during halftime that the game was “still close and we needed to work on avoiding penalties and technical errors that give away our possession.” However, despite great intensity and hard work, we did not exactly stick to the game plan. This cost us the game after our opponent scored two tries and two conversions to make the score 14-10.

On Tuesday, May 9, the boys traveled down to Victoria for a great match-up to face off against AAA Claremont. The sun was shining and the team was itching to get our first win after three consecutive, tough losses. Some guys were still recovering from injuries from previous games making it a greater challenge. However, no excuses were made as we are taught through the program that “Rugby is a sport where everyone must give their best under any circumstances” preaches Mr. Thompson. With great defense from both the backs and the forwards and solid execution on our offense, we secured a well-earned 33-14 victory going into our Island semifinals and the finals.

Taiyo T, Whittall ‘23

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