Brentwood Rugby Clashes with Claremont

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - By: Olamide O, Privett ‘18; Photo by Zach L, Ellis '19

Almost as quickly as students returned from Thanksgiving Break, the Brentwood Rugby Club travelled down to Claremont Secondary School to participate in a sevens tournament against teams from Claremont and Esquimalt. Although two senior boys teams, two junior boys teams, and one girls team participated, I will be focusing on the senior boys side: that’s my squad. 

The group only had one true sevens practice the previous week, and with a wide range of sevens experience among the boys, the afternoon was by no means perfect. To ensure everyone got adequate playing time, Coaches Thompson & Langer made quick substitutions, giving all a taste of the quick and intense game. 

Brentwood 1, led by Mr Thompson, finished the day with a 1-1 record. In the first game against Claremont, they struggled to move the ball effectively, leading to several turnovers. On the opposing side of the game, the team was unable to apply sufficient pressure and make their tackles. Due to the quick substitutions, building continuity was a challenge with players constantly going in and out. In a back and forth affair, Brentwood fell 20-25. 

In their second game against Esquimalt, the boys moved the ball much better, passing with greater accuracy and supporting those who made breaks in the line. An improved intensity on the defensive end limited their opponents’ opportunities. The final score was 25-15 for Brentwood. Solomon S, Whittall ‘18, had an impressive day, scoring two tries in his rugby debut.

Coached by Mr Langer, Brentwood 2 had a very fine day of rugby. No scores were recorded during their games; all anyone needs to know is that they – as Ayo O, Privett ‘18, put it –  “demolished their competition,” coming away with a 2-0 record. The group played solid defense on their opponents, taking away space for the likes of Claremont and Esquimalt to operate and forcing many turnovers. To complement their stout defense, Brentwood 2 was adept at moving the ball to the open man. In particular, Matty M, Rogers ‘19, shredded opposing defenses, leading to tries for both him and his teammates. As well, James S, Privett ‘18, was applauded by Mr. Felix, coach of the girls’ rugby team, for his excellent tackling. 

It was a successful day for the Brentwood Rugby Club, the seniors in particular. While the coaches and players both know they have a lot of work to do to be where they want to be come spring time, everyone is excited with the athletes on the teams, for those still to come, and the battles to be had. 

Olamide O, Privett ‘18

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