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Tuesday, January 05, 2021 - By: Mr David McCarthy

In early December, members of the Biology 11 and 12 AP classes had the opportunity of having their heads examined. More specifically, a neuroscience device, developed by Brentwood alumnus and SFU Professor Dr Ryan Darcy, allowed them a glimpse into the inner workings of their “little grey cells”.

An EEG cap, connected to some highly sophisticated software, enables brain wave activity to be pinpointed relating to such factors as perception, attention and processing. By listening to a tape with and without the accompaniment of distractions, students were able to measure the effect of their cell phone notification noises on their ability to focus attention on a task. The hope is to eventually extend this kind of investigation into a full scientific study that can be published in the literature. The device has already been used by such facilities as the Mayo Clinic to detect concussion symptoms in high level sports teams as well as optimising athletic performance.

We are thankful to Dr Darcy and his team for the opportunity to participate in this work and the students are looking forward to continuing to expand their understanding of the brain through a variety of experiences such as these.

Mr David McCarthy

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