Brentwood Reaches For the Top

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19

This past Saturday night, Brentwood students flooded into the T. Gil Bunch Centre to cheer on their housemates as the houses went head-to-head in the mind-boggling and reflex-testing inter-house competition, Reach For The Top. Student’s knowledge on history, geography, literature, mythology, and science & innovation were put to the test and many teams, both Junior and Senior, certainly rose to the occasion. 

Beginning with the Junior category, hands were quick to buzzers as students didn’t spend more than a second to ponder their Greek mythology knowledge or the correct spelling of the province “Saskatchewan”. By the end of the first Junior round, Ellis House Captain Sebastian M turned and laughed, stating “Ellis is not doing great, but it’s the price you gotta pay”.

While at times Mr McCarthy’s questions left the crowd with blank faces, at others, students were asked to hold their tongues and sit tight in their seats where they silently attempted to mouth the words and send brain signals to their housemates on stage. 

During the Senior category when students were asked where the school’s name “Brentwood” came from, Jaylnn B, avid debater and member of the 2019 graduating class, displayed both quick reflexes and knowledge on the history of her school while answering that the school “was originally located in Brentwood Bay”, correctly. The crowd continued to cheer on and support the teams on stage as they hit buzzer after buzzer and recalled the name of the man who once said “

The report of my death was an exaggeration” - Mark Twain. 

The final rounds brought even more challenging questions leaving some students wishing they had stayed awake during their history class as they continued to ponder amongst themselves. Although some houses came out on top and others were left anxious to start their preparation in hopes of winning next year, it is safe to stay that Brentwood student certainly gave it their all as they reached for the top. 

Nadia K, Hope ‘19

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