Brentwood Quarantine 2020

Saturday, September 05, 2020 - By: Eesha T, Mack ‘21

Due to COVID-19, 56  international students were required to complete a 14 day quarantine period prior to school. During this tough time, our school was very helpful and organised a stay at the Hilton Hotel in Victoria ensuring the students were safe, healthy and taken care of.

Passing Time In Our rooms
Apart from sleeping, eating and binge watching Netflix, the kids found different ways to pass time :
“ I enjoyed the outdoor activities and having time to myself. ” - Gaeun L
“ I passed time by facetiming my friends and family.” - Linnea B
“ I have been writing college essays and studying for AP classes.” - Airi H
“ I did some university planning and finalizing where I want to go.” - Zoya M
“ I’ve been spending time playing and recording music as well as reading and drawing.” - Gabi C
“ I am looking forward to seeing my friends. ” - Lilli SE

We also had Zoom meetings with the chaperones twice a day and Ms Legassicke and Mr Ward organised a Kahoot after some of the meetings with prizes for the winners. Mr Patel even joined the Kahoot hoping to take home the trophy but he was outsmarted by some of the kids. It was extremely fun and a great way to pass some of our time.

Outdoor Time
The Brentwood team was kind enough to let all the kids have 40 minutes of outdoor time every day whilst maintaining the quarantine regulations (wearing masks, keeping distance, and only having a few students at a time). It was a great way to entertain the kids, from playing social distance games with other students such as ladder ball, four square, and football, to simply getting out of the room for some fresh air. All the students appreciated the school's efforts and it definitely made our stay more enjoyable.

Special Thanks To ...
From all the Brentwood kids, we would like to thank the hotel for being cooperative with our stay, the Brentwood food services team for the amazing and delicious food provided, the administrative staff who visited us with their gifts and smiles, and the entire Brentwood team who made it possible for the kids to stay in the wonderful hotel for the 14 day period.

A special thanks also to Mr Barrett, Ms Davis, Ms Legassicke and Mr Ward for being the best chaperones ever and for managing (somehow) to keep up with us kids for an entire week! You did a fantastic job and we really appreciate everything you did for us.

As Mr Barrett put it:  “I was forced to hang out with Ginny and Lorenzo for an entire week. It was very tough, but I came out of it a more patient person.”

Overall, it was a great stay and we are all looking forward to getting back to campus very soon!

Eesha T, Mack ‘21

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