Brentwood Photography Sparks New Passions

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 - By: Deb Z, Alex ‘23

The start of the new school year always brings an array of excited students craving a creative release. Brentwood offers a wide array of more than forty arts programs from the more hands-on fine arts like pottery, woodworking, and drawing and painting; or the more lyrical arts such as musical theatre, rock band, and dance. One of the most exhilarating times of the year, however, is when a huge group of determined beginners enters the rigorous and fulfilling photography program.

Photography at Brentwood is a technical and unique art class. It is usually one of the first classes full of eager students at the beginning of the school year, offering the choice of two types of photography: traditional and digital.

The traditional program allows students to tap into their old souls and practice the use of film. Students are taught to shoot on a traditional camera, develop the film in the dark room, and finally print out the beautiful black and white photos in the print room. Noah S, Privett ‘23, a second-year traditional photography student shares his thoughts on the photography program: “I have always focused all of my energy on academics and barely had the opportunity to truly explore something I enjoyed until I joined the photography program and it re-sparked my passion for photography. I also love how unique shooting film is because not knowing how your pictures will turn out and seeing them finally printed out is so rewarding.” Noah is currently in the Fine Arts photography program and is additionally doing many AP Studio Art projects with his photography skills.

The digital program allows students to experiment with digital cameras and expand their editing skills. Although the digital photography program is only offered to students who are in their second year, it is extremely engaging for those who prefer shooting digital over traditional. “I always loved taking photos and the program here helped me learn more about the technical side of photography as well as how to be creative and artistic while further expressing my passions with the camera” says Jack D, Privett ‘23.

“Some people try it and move on, and some people try it and realize how much they love it and then continue to grow with it,” says Mr. Fletcher, our Photography Teacher.

Photography is not for everyone, however, there is space for everyone’s preferences. As a third-year Fine Arts photography student, I am eagerly looking forward to observing beginner students’ passion for photography blossoming throughout this year.

Deb Z, Alex ‘23

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