Brentwood performs at the Victoria Festival of Performing Arts

Friday, April 16, 2010 - By: karen.fisher

The Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival is in full swing and our Brentwood musicians and dancers are involved in it in a big way.  First up were the Brentwood Concert Choir and Jazz Ensemble. The Concert Choir will receive an award for their top performance on Monday April 19th at the Choir Gala which is held  at the 1st Metropolitan church in Victoria. Both Choirs have been invited to perform at the Gala.  Michael Oh performed Wednesday evening (April 14th) and again last night, Thursday April 15th. We expect great results from this performance as well! In a week's time it's the Pops Orchestra's turn,  which has won the top Adjudacator's Choice Award for 2 years running, we hope to maintain our winning streak.

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