Brentwood Juniors Gab for Gold at the Glenlyon Norfolk “Start – Up” Debate

Monday, October 05, 2009 - By: elizabeth.wolfe

On a spectacularly gorgeous fall Saturday, when most children were reveling in the beauty of the outdoors, the Brentwood debaters were cloistered in the classrooms and hallways of Glenlyon Norfolk School, feverishly preparing their arguments for four rounds of impromptu debate. In the spirit of this “start up” debate, experienced speakers were paired with novices; chatter on the bus ride home suggested that this formula was enormously helpful in confidence building and nerve calming. Kevin K was especially grateful: his partnership with the remarkable Miss Anastasia K secured this team a first place finish in the junior division.

Although she brought home no hardware, the star of the tournament was Alex K who, having joined the debate club on Friday was flung into her first tournament on Saturday. Bright, ambitious and obviously quite forgiving, Alex is testament to the adage that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. She flexed her intellectual “guns” this weekend, and we were mightily impressed with the might of her mental muscle.

Recognition must also be given to our student judges, without whose help the tournament might have collapsed. Nick R, Navneet L, Tobi M, Mila M, Julia S, Daniyar P, and Jonathan D not only stepped into the breach, they impressed their colleagues with the depth, accuracy and compassion of their commentary.

Our next tournament is the Newman/FISA cup in November: parents and community members are invited and encouraged to join us as spectators or judges – no experience necessary in either category!

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