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Saturday, June 15, 2019 - By: Hannah C, Alex ‘19

To add to Brentwood’s climate change strides, the food services team has decided to wipe out plastic. The amazing team that makes all of our meals and prepares our snacks and food when we go on school trips, just stepped it up to the next level. This means that “We are no longer providing juice boxes, Gatorade or water bottles for packed meals for sports field trips etc. We provide jugs for sports to be filled on site at games and have requested that students make sure they have their water bottles filled before they go” said Mr Milward, the manager of the Food Services team. 

Brentwood is very fast-paced school which needs quick solutions when it comes to snacks. Juice boxes as well as plastic water bottles used to be the way to go, but we have now found greener solutions. This also means that approximately 21,000 bottles and juice boxes will be saved from being recycled or thrown out. After in inspirational talk from science teacher Mr Miller about climate change, many of the students left feeling inspired. Mr Miller outlined that whatever you do will make a difference, as long as you are doing something. 

Now that the weather has been nicer, my roommate and I have been committed to using the lights as little as possible in the evenings. As BEAT reps, we are very invested in energy efficiency and trying to cut back in any ways that we can. Many students carry reusable water bottles or mugs, cutting back on the need for plastic water bottles or styrofoam mugs. The BEAT teacher sponsor, Ms Richardson says, “This is one more step in working to educate our community about how we can become more effective stewards of the earth.” Reducing our plastic usage will greatly reduce the amount of plastic that is being put back into ecosystems that we rely so heavily on. BEAT continues to strive to reduce waste around campus and it helps us do our part in slowing down climate change. We look forward to seeing more advancements in the future to help make Brentwood a greener school. 

Hannah C, Alex ‘19

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