Brentwood Hockey 2016-2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - By: Mason S, Privett ‘18 & Xander A, Whittall ‘17; Photo by Jim Ganley

It was a very busy and successful year for the Brentwood Hockey program. With 56 students enrolled, three teams were formed with everyone getting the opportunity to represent Brentwood and proudly wear the B in a competitive game.

The First team had a successful year, playing many competitive games against highly skilled teams from the Island, the Lower Mainland, and the Sunshine Coast. The First team finished with third in the Ross Cup losing a nail biter to the eventual champions, St. George’s, 3-2.

The Second team saw much improvement among its roster throughout the season and ended up getting the winning feeling in a couple of games along the way. The Junior team was a new addition to the program this year and became a crucial element in ensuring all members got the chance to play. The players on the Junior team developed great chemistry over the year and have bright futures within the Brentwood hockey program. 

There were many happy memories created over the season: The Saville Cup, the St. George’s Pacific Cup Tournament, and, of course, the Ross Cup headline the list, but other highlights include warm ups by Kleinschmidt, the first ever three-on-three tournament, and Mr Flynn’s famous “kayaks” which were just as important.

The program is very appreciative of the entire coaching staff: Tom Shadlock, Ian McPherson, Paul Kleinschmidt, Jackson Webb, Rob Webb and Aaron (Spotzi) Spotts for making all this possible. A special thanks also to Mr. Flynn, who will retire at the end of the year.

Three school awards were presented at the conclusion of the season: Most Valuable Offensive Player was awarded to Assistant Captain Xander A, Whittall ‘17; Most Valuable Defensive Player went to netminder, Reid G, Privett ‘17; and the Coach’s Award was given to our Captain, Mason S, Privett ‘18.

Mason S, Privett ‘18 & Xander A, Whittall ‘17

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