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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 - By: Calvin Chua, Golf Captain, Privett ’18; Photo by Thomas Bell, Ellis '18

With the continuous cascading rain pounding on the uncut grass in early-March, what is meant to be Spring didn’t seem to have been upon us, but that did not delay the start of golf season. With a couple of new and some familiar faces on the coaching staff, the golf team was eager to start swinging away on the links.

This year’s Brentwood Golf squad looked incredibly dashing with brand new competitive polos and very stylish windbreakers to compensate for the harsh weather early in the season. 

Tryouts started right away to identify our top players for the competitive team. A diverse group, the team consist of students from all grades, including a Grade 8, Lucas K. A number of our competitive players, and some development players, managed to participate in the Vikes Tour providing us with some much-needed competition heading towards ISAs. Our weaknesses were laid out right in front of us as the season was kicked off with ISAs at Cordova Bay and Highland Pacific. Lucas K, Alex C, Spencer K, Sonny A and I battled it out on the lavish greens, but the results showed that we had much to work on.

After some practice with Norm Jackson at the Cowichan Golf Club, the team headed into our second competition of the year with confidence at Olympic View Golf Club in Victoria for the annual Policeman's Tournament. Scores improved from ISAs, but mistakes were still there to be fixed. Every player left with a specific goal to reach in their game as we turned our heads towards the Island Tournament, in search of a berth to provincials.

With a daunting task ahead of us, the team headed back to the range and greens to refine our game. With a practice round at Qualicum’s Pheasant Glen Golf Club, where the Island Tournament was taking place, I can speak for the team that we were determined and excited for the challenges that were yet to come. 

Calvin Chua, Golf Captain, Privett ’18

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