Brentwood Golf is Un-FORE-gettable

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 - By: Grace D, Alexandra ‘22

This term, Brentwood’s eager golfers have been taking trips to the Cowichan Golf Club three times a week to work on their etiquette for the game, powerful drives, and money-winning putts. Despite the reality that COVID-19 has sadly taken away the beyond-the-school competitive aspect of the game this year, our wonderful coaches, Jordan Warner and Liam Sullivan, have worked diligently to provide each athlete with a chance to improve their game.

Will P, Whittall ‘22 says, “The golf coaches this year are very helpful and fun to talk to. The best part about them is they don’t make fun of me when I shank my drive onto the wrong hole.” Although the usual tournaments aren’t being held due to the COVID-19 restrictions, our team has still - thankfully - had the opportunity to host our own safe, socially-distanced matches between players, and even a staff-student tournament.

The Captain of Brentwood Golf is Lucas K, Whittall ‘22, and he states “Everyone’s interest for the game has grown over the past couple of months with everyone in the program showing tremendous improvement as the days go on.”

When the team arrives at Cowichan Golf Club, half of the team practices at the range, while the other half goes out on the course to play against their best buddies. The dedicated coaches set up this efficient system to ensure that each person has enough time to work on specific skills, but also gets the chance to take a more realistic approach in terms of match play by completing 9 holes.

Grace D, Alexandra ‘22

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