Brentwood Girls Play Rep Rugby

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 - By: Jim Burrows

In the past two weeks, five of our players have attended try-outs for various representative teams. Meredyth Cole and Sarah Barber have both secured places on the Island Under-17 7-a-side team which will compete at the B.C. Summer Games in the Okanagan in July. Denise Cheung and Lenutsa Reid have been chosen to play on the Island Under-19 team which competes in a B.C. championship tournament next weekend in Vancouver. Mie Maxwell-Smith has been selected for the BC Under-17 team. This is quite an achievement for a player in her first year in the sport! Her team will train for most of the summer for an inter-provincial competition in Ottawa in mid-August. We congratulate the girls for their commitment and hard work, and we have no doubt that the experience will be both beneficial and memorable.

Jim Burrows

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