Brentwood English: we fix your colons, and fill your hearts.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - By: Paul Collis

Greetings Torch readers. I was minding my own business in the photocopying room, when Dave McCarthy popped by and breezily asked me to summarize some of the English Department activities from this year. Under normal circumstances, I would have muttered something about a pressing engagement -- an emergency meeting of the Chaucer live chat group, for example -- and gone about my merry way, but, as I presently owe Dave a considerable sum after an unfortunate day at the dog races, here we are.

Like Glory Chima's hair, there have been many highlights in the English Department. Brentwood students and teachers have welcomed or travelled to see a host of authors this year, including Buddy Wakefield, Baba Brinkman, Brendan McLeod, Ivan Coyote, Raising Voices, Emma Donoghue, Ryan Bernsten, Ashley Little, and, bless him, David Sedaris.  

In addition to the usual activities of the English classroom -- reading for meaning, reading for joy, crafting critical essays, squeaking out a persuasive speech on wobbly knees, and, if in Grade 9, wrapping tin foil around the carcasses of the dead bees on the windowsill so they look like Arthurian knights -- our students have also enjoyed (enjoyment was mandatory) such varied activities as -- and I am only making one of these up: try to guess --  Jane Austen choreography, reading to Syrian refugees, Springsteen Night, the Write for Rights campaign, Victorious Voices slam poetry championships, ghost walks in Victoria, the Melhuish recitation contest, Ian Fleming secret missions, extreme Dickens, Shakespeare on ice, Milton dodge ball, and many other glorious events that make cranky math teachers open their doors and cry "Shh" while their students softly weep into their protractors.

Brentwood English: we fix your colons, and fill your hearts.  

Mr Paul Collis: Head of English

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