Brentwood Doubles Top Tourney

Thursday, April 23, 2015 - By: Camila GQ, Allard ‘17



On Friday, April 17th and Saturday, April 18th, the Brentwood Tennis team hosted the first major tournament of the season, the Brentwood Spring Invitational Tennis Tournament. After a cold winter term training at the indoor tennis courts, aka "The Bubble", at Arbutus Ridge, the warm and sunny weather of the third term is a welcome relief. For the first tournament of the season, we had the honour of hosting Terry Fox Secondary from Vancouver and St. Michaels and Shawnigan Lake School from Vancouver Island. 

The schools and teams in the tournament are preparing for the Senior and Junior Provincials next month and the Brentwood team is off to a good start. After a total of 90 matches, 45 teams and 12 hours of court time, Nick M, Ellis ’15 &  Christopher C, Rogers ’16 took top honours in the A flight. 

In a battle of Brentwood for B flight supremacy, Alejandro G, Ellis ‘17 & Samuel P, Whittall ’17 defeated Wasay C, Ellis ’16 & Pars S, Ellis ’18 to take top honours. Ricky C, Ellis '18 & Jaime D-T, Ellis '18 lost a close match in the C flight championships, and in the Junior division Alexander C, '19 & Jean-Louw M '19 finished at the top. With 33 players from  the tennis program competing in the tournament, tennis at Brentwood is off to a strong start.

We all had the awesome support of our great coaches Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Felix, Mr. Bersch & Mr. Webster. With plenty of tennis, terrific weather and a delicious BBQ, the team can clearly say that we had an amazing time last weekend. 

Camila GQ, Allard ‘17

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