Brentwood Boys Put in the Effort

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: James S, Privett ‘18 & Ruslan M, Rogers ‘18; Photo by Mr. Micheal Donegani

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, Brentwood's Junior Boys Rugby team cruised up to Ladysmith to face a thrilling challenge against Ladysmith Secondary School. While apprehensive, Brentwood’s players motivated themselves to work hard and hopefully leave Ladysmith with a win. 

In the first half we were unorganized and ended up down four unlucky tries. We were shell shocked but ready to get back in the game so nearing the end of the first half we began to sharpen our offence and defence as we dominated Ladysmith but we did not score a try before the half ended. 

During halftime the boys received a heartfelt speech from Raul A, Whittall ‘19 which motivated us to try our hardest and keep dominating the opposing team.

As soon as the second half started we were all fired up and ready to keep playing. Once again we were slightly rusty but we brought back our intensity and gave 100% effort. We managed to tie up the game thanks to Raul A, Whittall ‘19, Joel C, Rogers ‘19 & Liam M, Whitall ‘19. However, we unfortunately lost an important lineout and got one upped by Ladysmith. We worked hard to redeem ourselves, but unfortunately they scored again in the last few minutes of the game. 

Thanks to Lauchlan O, Rogers ‘19, the tackling machine, who has no fear. He prevented a number of Ladysmith tries. Lauchlan tackled Ladysmiths biggest player on multiple occasions.

On the bright side, none of our players were injured and we are ready for our next game against SMUS.

James S, Privett ‘18 & Ruslan M, Rogers ‘18

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