Brentwood Arts: Painting The Roses Red

Saturday, April 25, 2015 - By: Kimmi G, Hope ’15, Article and Photo

There are two types of people: those celebrating their birthday, and those celebrating their unbirthday. Both types of people should attend the exquisite, peculiar Displays of Student Art and Sculpture, being held across the Brentwood campus from 2-4pm.

“I haven’t seen this many drawing of rabbits since my kids watched Donnie Darko!” muttered a sardonic Bilal S, Rogers ’15 while fervently enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich from Slice & Co.

If you have seen the arrows around campus (spray-painted into the grass, left despondently to persistent weathering), you will notice how unhelpful they are at finding the destination they reference, so here is a quick guide:

Whether you want to pop down the rabbit hole and check out the Mad Hatter Exhibition, being showcased in the Arts building, or journey back with Leonardo – Da Vinci, not DiCaprio—, in the Ross Building by the Plaza, an excellent spectacle is ripe for the viewing.

Fine Art Photography, 3-D Sculpture, Drawing & Painting, as well as Foundations of Art have all been working in preparation for this display for over a month and the effort proves greater than a hydrophobic puppy trying to avoid a bath.

Kevin J, Rogers ‘15 peered over at his masterpiece and gave insider information about his process saying, “Towards the show’s premier, people were pushing themselves to finish up last minute additions to their work, but I just could not find enough time and ended up rendering my piece while it was hanging on the wall to get it just right.”

Congratulations to every teacher and student who laboured to put this wonderful show together, may the Jabberwocky treat you well this Regatta weekend.

Kimmi G, Hope ’15, Article and Photo 

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