Brentwood: A Touring Student’s View

Tuesday, June 02, 2015 - By: Sarah P, Mackenzie ’15; Photos by Cristina T, Hope ‘15

As we reach the end of the school year, many of us (even the new students) have completely assimilated into the Brentwood way of life. Things like wearing a uniform and signing in at 7:15 every night have become routine. Through the eyes of an outsider, however, Brentwood can be a pretty novel place. 

This week, my younger sister, Caitlin P, had the opportunity of staying overnight at Brentwood and spending a day experiencing the life of a Brentwood student. Afterwards, I asked her a few questions about her tour experience to find out how Brentwood looks from a newcomer’s perspective. 

What was your favourite part of the tour? Why?

CP: “My favourite part of the tour was definitely meeting new people. Everyone I met was just amazing and I made several new friends. The people here are perhaps the best part of Brentwood.”

What was most intimidating about Brentwood? Why?

CP: “Nothing actually intimidated me too much. I mean, of course I was a bit nervous at first just because of the new environment, but that stopped pretty quickly once I met everyone.”

What was the highlight of your day?

CP: “The highlight of my day would have to be (as cheesy as it sounds) eating dinner in the cafeteria with all my new friends. It was really fun to just be able to talk to everyone.”

Were the students welcoming?

CP: “The students were incredibly welcoming. People I didn't know yet just came right up to me and said 'hi' or gave me a compliment.”

Did this tour change your opinion about Brentwood?

CP: “This tour definitely changed my opinions about Brentwood. When you first hear of the school, you usually think of crisp uniforms and no fun. That's what I thought when I heard of it. But after coming here and taking a tour, I realize it's so much more than that. The teachers are amazing and friendly and open; the students don't have a bad word to say about anyone; the campus is beautiful with tons of trees and plants and shrubs, and you actually get a lot of free time to catch up on homework or to do something fun.”

If you could change one thing about your tour, what would it be?

CP: “I wouldn't actually change anything. The tour was amazing and my tour guides were the nicest people ever.”

If you had the opportunity, would you attend Brentwood next year?

CP: “If I had the opportunity I think I would, without a doubt, be attending Brentwood next year (though I'd have to bring my friends too).”

Was your experience positive?

CP: “My experience was a definite positive. Everyone I met was nice; the teachers were incredible at their jobs (and awesome people), and the material that is being taught here is absolutely fantastic. I would rate my tour and Brentwood 10/10 and would strongly recommend it to anyone.”

Sarah P, Mackenzie ’15; Photos by Cristina T, Hope ‘15

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