Breakfast Boys Bite into the Regatta Weekend

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Jamal H & Justin S, Whittall ‘18

Since the beginning of the school year, Grade 11 students have been busily working on a year long project for the Regatta weekend in their Entrepreneurship 11 course. Once they were put into groups, their job was to succeed in their personal business, selling edible goods to rowers, visitors, students, and staff. 

Working all day, they produced, and sold, food to thousands of people attending the annual event. With ideas such as Tornado Potato, Homer’s Donuts, and the Breakfast Boys, it was certain to be a creative and delicious event.  

The Breakfast Boys, a morning-meal oriented business run by Andrew W, Whittall ‘17, Tyler D, Whittall ‘17, Alejandro G, Ellis ‘17, Campbell F, Privett ‘17, and Thomas H, Privett ‘17 served over 800 morning meals over the course of the weekend.

Though they did not necessarily achieve financial profit, they undoubtedly satisfied the starving with their irresistible meals such as “The Athlete”, the “All Around”, and their signature breakfast sandwich. When asked about their favorite food stand, Nolan J, Whittall ‘18 responded, “I think I would go with the Breakfast Boys.” 

They also learned valuable business skills such as advertising, marketing, and collaborating. “I think I learned more in this weekend than I’ve ever learned in a classroom,” says Andrew. 

“It is always fun to visit the Regatta. The races, volunteers, and food stands make for an exciting weekend” said a rowing parent out on the waterfront. 

As the young and restless entrepreneurs unwind from their busy weekend, the legacy of Brentwood’s fantastic booths will be handed down to next year’s students. 

Jamal H  & Justin S, Whittall ‘18

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