Boys Capture BC AA Track & Field Championship

Sunday, June 09, 2019 - By: Ben R, Ellis ‘20 & Keaton H, Privett ‘20

Last week, Brentwood’s Track & Field team - yes, believe it or not we have a Track & Field team - travelled to Kelowna to compete at the 2019 BC High School Track & Field Championships. Eight athletes, who had qualified at local and Island meets earlier in the term, competed across multiple events, receiving several podium-worthy results. 

Our Junior and Senior Boys combined efforts and after three days of arduous competition, received a bright blue BC banner to recognize their successes. They achieved the highest cumulative standings across the entire province, making Brentwood the top boys Double AA Track & Field team in British Columbia. Even though Brentwood’s track and field team only consists of eight athletes who had qualified for Provincials, the determined group of individuals out worked the competition and were crowned provincial champions. 

Highlights of the competition were Ben R’s 4th place in High Jump and 8th place in Triple Jump, Keaton H’s 2nd place in the 1500m and the 800m, and Sam P’s 6th place in Long Jump. The remaining five athletes who contributed to the big win were Tony E, Whittall ‘21, Ope RA, Yang L, Chloe C, & Ella D. 

This is Brentwood’s first Track & Field banner and the team is very proud of their achievements. We hope to see more involvement in the Track and Field program in the future in order to ensure continued success for the school and its student athletes. 

Special thanks goes to our coaches Mr Griffiths, Mrs Day-Reynolds, Mr Skardal, Mr. Rodrigues and Mr and Mrs Heisterman for all of their extra efforts on our behalf. Like the athletes, track and field is a commitment that is made on top of their regular sports commitment to the school. Yes, you read that right, all of these enthusiastic athletes and coaches do track and field in addition to their other spring sports.

Ben R, Ellis ‘20 & Keaton H, Privett ‘20

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