Books Down, Oars Up

- By: Article and Photo by Leo B, Whittall ‘16

Returning after a restful Eater break, staff and students are gearing up for the annual Brentwood International Regatta. The campus buzzes with activity as the school prepares to host over 1600 athletes and thousands of spectators. Organizing and planning, constructing and prepping, no one is idle during this busy period.

After untold hours on the water and a year of hard training backing them up, the Brentwood rowers will be formidable competition and know that they will make their school proud. As well, the boathouse crew and maintenance staff have been busy prepping the race course. Drawing ever so close, there is a sense of enthusiasm throughout the school that can be especially felt among the rowing crews. 

In addition, Entrepreneurship 11 students are busy in the final stages of preparation for their yearlong project to sell a variety of products and make the event even more enjoyable.

Started in 1970 by Mr. John Queen, the Brentwood International Regatta has grown immensely, developing from an initial three clubs to the present 37. As with any large event, the regatta now takes a vast amount of effort to coordinate; everyone, staff and students alike will be doing their part to help make this year’s event a success.

Article and Photo by Leo B, Whittall ‘16

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