Bond, James Bond

Monday, May 29, 2017 - By: Haden U, Ellis ‘17

During the month of May, Grade 10 English students are given the chance to take an elective of their own choice. The choices were Kid Lit, Gender Equality, Horror Stories, and James Bond. As soon as I saw Mr. Collis go up to the podium and announce James Bond as a class, I knew what I would be doing for the remainder of the month. 

I have been both shaken and stirred by the experience.

In the 007 class we have watched parts of the Bond movies and read Ian Fleming’s Moonraker. We have also been asked to study the Bond formula and apply it to Goldfinger, record a podcast debating whether or not the Bond unit should exist, and write a chapter of a James Bond novel just like Ian Fleming, recreating a scene, or make our own Bond film by using the formula. 

With only a few days left and many missions to still be assigned, we ecstatically wait to hear what the class will be doing next. 

Haden U, Ellis ‘17

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