Bittersweet Goodbyes

Tuesday, June 08, 2021 - By: Luca H, Privett 12

June at Brentwood is a very bittersweet time. On one hand, the Grade 12s are moving out and most are excitedly headed to University. In Privett the 12s are a very important part of the house as they are the older brothers and leaders in the Halls of Blue. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 last year, Privett boys were not able to have the usual in-person goodbye ceremonies that Privett does.

The boys who didn't arrive two years ago don’t know what it is like at the end. Soon Mr Neufield will start making Rohin A our poster prefect: he will have to tape up a checklist of cleaning and packing outside of each dorm. This is very hard to acknowledge especially for the Grade 12s. Ian VL, Privett ‘21 says that he is “really sad to go but looking forward to the nice weather in California next year”.  

This year, especially, the Grade 12s in the house have been quite close with the younger boys. As we were all kept together in our cohorts, we spent lots of time together. Avik B, Privett ‘23 says he “hasn't been this close to the Grade 12s” as he is this year. He says it’s largely due to the fact we “spend more time together now”.

As Mr. Patel said in the final Assembly the crying season is upon us. The 12s in Privett know their time together is coming to an end very soon, and I personally can feel it creeping in. House Captain Ben Z says “I’ve really started to count the days and can’t believe four years is almost over.”

Soon the departure checklist will be filled out and the house will have empty halls for the summer, but I know that next year Privett will still be the same as ever welcoming the new and old boys with open arms. All the best to the Grade 11s who are going to be great prefects next year.

Luca H, Privett 12

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