Biomedical 10 Experiments with Public Service Announcements

Tuesday, May 05, 2020 - By: Emily N, Allard ‘22

Throughout the Biomed Science 10 course, students have learnt the importance of raising awareness for combating global health issues. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the class got into groups and chose a health issue in Belize to raise awareness on, and we brought the campaigns to Belize in February.

When COVID-19 became a relevant issue in all of our lives, Ms Lawrence thought it would be a great idea for us to use our skills and raise awareness of the virus in our community. So again, we got into groups and started brainstorming. Everyone did research on COVID-19, on how it spreads, how to prevent it, and the importance of social distancing.

Shortly after, Instagram pages came to life, infographics were made, and videos were created. Each group applied the knowledge of how to make awareness campaigns interesting and visually enticing so that individuals who came across the project would get something out of it.

Last Thursday we shared these with the Brentwood community at Assembly.

Ms Lawrence’s class has enjoyed making health awareness campaigns and hope that people will spread our messages about COVID-19 to others making our projects even more effective!

Emily N, Allard ‘22



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