Biodiversity on Campus

Saturday, December 10, 2016 - By: Mr David McCarthy

Our Malaise Trap results from the University of Guelph are in! Back in September, the Biology 12 AP students set up an insect trap that looked rather like a tent and collected specimens that flew into it over two weeks.

These specimens were then sent of to the University of Guelph DNA lab for identification. The experiment is happening at schools all over the country to determine biodiversity of invertebrates and how it might be changing with environmental changes.

The report told us the following: “Your classroom made an important contribution to the Fall 2016 School Malaise Trap Program and helped to make it a huge success. Your trap collected a total of 346 specimens in week one and 559 specimens in week two. Across the two weeks, your sample ranked 23 out of 67 for the total number of specimens collected. Within your sample, there were 111 species, which ranks your sample 18 out of 67 for species diversity. The species you collected came from several different groups and 51 species were only collected in your trap. Your class should be pleased to have made this contribution to the International Barcode of Life project, the largest endeavour in biodiversity science.”

Mr David McCarthy

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