Bio-Civ does Diving

Thursday, November 19, 2015 - By: Gina B, Mackenzie ‘17

In Biology-Civics class, students are spending their free Sundays plunging into freezing cold backyard pools in full scuba gear.


That’s a good question.

Students who are enrolled in Bio-Civics are taking up the challenge of getting their scuba diving licences, presenting an amazing opportunity for students who study marine biology in the classroom to get out into the amazing waterways that surround Brentwood. It gives the Grade 11 students the opportunity to engage in a hands-on learning experience in the ocean while also having fun!

The future divers are in the pool at this stage, but will soon be out in the chilly waters of Mill Bay, observing amazing organisms and participating in research and conservation efforts. Later on in the year, Bio-Civ kids will be creating a project based around plankton growth in local oceans, and will be helping with the conservation of eelgrass ecosystems while pairing up with the University of Victoria.

Right now, the diving apprentices are learning how to use oxygen masks and tanks, dealing with BCD’s or Buoyancy Control Devices, all while in dry suits. This can be an extremely physically demanding class, as well as frightening at some points while being under water with all the extremely heavy gear on. The Bio-Civ students, however, are ready to bring on the challenge!

Whether it’s because of a passion for conservation, or simply just for fun, the Bio-Civics class is soon going to be out in the vast ocean with endless exploration in front of them.

Gina B, Mackenzie ‘17

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