Big White Adventures

Sunday, February 24, 2019 - By: Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

Brentwood offers several trips during school breaks for students to explore different attractions around the world. One that stands out from the others is organized by Mr Lee: Big White Ski Resort. This trip allows students to immerse in the ski life of British Columbia and share camaraderie with fellow students. Activities include day and night skiing, skating, ice wall climbing, tubing, and dog sledding. These not only allow students to explore the beauty of the city of Kelowna, but develop mutual understanding with each other and appreciate the pulchritudinous attributes of nature.

The ski resort is one of the largest in Canada and is built for families and friends. Ettore Z, Whittall ‘19  stated, “Big White is one of the greatest ski resorts I have come upon.” The resort also features runs named after Olympians and the Ski Park which features jumps and race tracks. The students stayed at a hotel and ate at restaurants at the mountain. On one of the days, at the tubing park, we were able to link more than 30 Brentwood students in the festive track.

The day did not end with skiing, but rather continued with other activities during the evening such as skating on the outdoor rink and drinking hot chocolate with our peers under starry skies. 

The ice climbing wall was another highlight of the trip: Nathan L, Whittall ‘20 and Mr. Junior Norman were able to break ice climbing records. This trip also featured the “Cruz the Blues” challenge in which many students were rewarded and gained experience. 

The increasing success of this trip is thanks to Mr. Lee who dedicated his time to making it terrific. Thanks also to the other chaperones, Ms Bell, Mr. Norman and Ms Ackert. It is the trips like Big White that truly make Bentwood a place where students “Choose To Be”.

Areeb S, Rogers ‘20

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