Big White 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - By: Thomas B, Ellis ‘18

Midterm breaks at Brentwood are a good opportunity for students and teachers to go home, relax, and enjoy their time off of school. For some, however, home is a 13 hour plane ride across an ocean and a continent. So what did we do? Last week 25 international students hopped on an airplane and flew to Kelowna where we would spend the next six days at one of Canada’s best ski mountains, Big White. 

While others were at home watching Netflix all day, we skied and snowboarded on the slopes, going through the trees, ripping up the terrain park, or slowly learning how to cruise down the groomed runs with the help of an instructor. Students also had the ability to go and eat at the many different restaurants and little shops in the village and throughout the mountain. By 3:00 each day we had the ability to either stay out and night ski or do one of the many different activities that the mountain had to offer including skating and ice climbing. 

On Saturday the entire group went to the park where we tubed. Then on Monday we had an opportunity to conquer the Big White Ice Tower. Shout out to Alex B, Ellis ’19 for completing the hardest side in the dark with one shoe!

The trip was a success. The mountain was a great resort with lots to do and plenty of positive feedback from the students. This was the trip of a lifetime for some; we had fun and enjoyed ourselves. For some it was the first time they skiing.

This trip couldn’t have happened without the help of Mr Lee and Mrs Wolinski who were great chaperones and made the trip terrific. Let’s hope it happens again next year. 

Thomas B, Ellis ‘18 

For some videos of the trip, please view Mr. Lee’s handiwork:

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