Bentley - Whittall’s Untalkative Housemate

Saturday, November 27, 2021 - By: Owen S, Whittall ‘22

At only one year of age, Bentley’s impact in the house has been far from unnoticeable. By waking students up in the morning - sometimes earlier than most will appreciate - and making sure there are no intruders in the house, Bentley has found his role in the house, and it is not just to be the companion of Ms Rogers and Davis P, Whittall ‘22.

Bentley, although seemingly representing the luxurious high-priced car, falls just short of expectations. When Ms Rogers announced that she had “bought a Bentley” many people were expecting something different, and more exotic. And although Bentley may never exceed the expectations of a true “Bentley”, he won't be far off. He may be just a little bit slower, and more noisy.

Bentley makes his presence felt during house meetings as it seems that he has his agenda of house duties that he would like to get done. When he speaks his mind, it is quite difficult to understand him, but the tone is clear, and the message gets across. Bentley has only a few complaints and critiques of his current life in Whittall, and when posed with a question regarding his success as being the best house pet at Brentwood, he responded in the confidence of his superiority: “My position is solidified as the number one pet at Brentwood, surpassing all, including Sadie from Rogers, and Alex’s, Hudson.” Bentley, Whittall.

In only one year, Bentley has secured a spot as a favourite campus dog, having visitors from all across Brentwood taking him on scenic walks around the block. Just ask Finn S, Whittall ‘23, who takes Bentley on walks and says that he “enjoys sharing the company with a dog as wise as Bentley.”

Ultimately, Bentley’s presence in the house and on campus is undeniable. And he continues to improve the atmosphere and energy of Whittall.

Owen S, Whittall ‘22

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