Behind Our Athletes

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - By: Linnea B, Allard ‘18l Photo by Jim Ganley

Behind the scenes of Brentwood’s successful sports teams are the programs and staff which work hard to keep our athletes healthy and competing at the high level that Brentwood offers. Mrs Tanya Scheck runs a rehab class dedicated to keeping our injured student athletes in shape and on the path to returning to their sport.

Each student has specific programs to aid their recovery, varying from simple icing and heating regimes to sweat-inducing workouts. Mrs Scheck takes pride in her students and their hard work: “The athletes work to overcome their injuries through perseverance which includes sweat, tears and joy. It is not easy to overcome a debilitating injury, but these athletes are incredibly diligent and strong willed. I am proud of all of their accomplishments whether it be a small step towards recovery to graduating to play their sport again.” This speaks highly of the dedication our Brentwood students demonstrate.

Another important aspect of our recovery program at Brentwood is our school athletic therapist, Ms Laurel Calhoun. Her office is always filled with athletes looking for guidance with their injuries. Travelling with our teams, and spending many hours getting to know students and their injuries are all part of the job.

Given the availability of these programs to our students, they are able to access the help and tools necessary to recover right here on campus. 

Brentwood’s tripartite program ensures that our athletes are being pushed to be the best they can; part of performing at their best lies in physically being at their best. Students who have undergone anything from pulled muscles, to concussions, to surgery are all grateful for the wonderful people who put their time into the healing and wellbeing of our students.

Linnea B, Allard ‘18

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